WU Archery Shooter Course

$150.00 USD


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WU Archery Shooter Course

The archery shooters course will cover aspects that will be beneficial to both compound and recurve archers. The agenda will consist of the proper way to shoot a bow, back tension, what it takes to shoot high scores, and building tournament confidence. For compound we will also cover how to use your body for consistent shot execution, “Holding Steady”, shot control, the solution to “punching the trigger” and target panic, as well as how to properly shoot different types of release aids.  Every archer will be videotaped and then analyzed. This allows us to catch all aspects of your shot allowing us to see mistakes in slow motion from multiple angles so that we can efficiently correct it.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from experienced archery instructor Robert “Mac” McIvor. Mac has close to 50 yrs experience with both recurve and compound bows. He is a former NASP Instructor and He has also been a student of Alexander Kirillov, PSE Master coach.
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